My FREE Self-Care E-book

I ignored the necessity of self-care for years…

…and it nearly killed me.

As a result, I’m thrilled to release my first e-book!

Every thirteen minutes, someone grows weary of fighting, and ends their life. Every thirteen minutes. This book is dedicated to the ones we lost, the ones left behind, and the ones still fighting.

Thank you for visiting my blog, sharing my work with your friends and family, and for being a part of this community of grace-givers.

Download My FREE E-book Here!





6 thoughts on “My FREE Self-Care E-book

      1. That link takes me to the sign-up page again. I already signed up. When I do, it just routes me back to your home page, now the download page.


      2. Christine,
        Thanks so much for letting me know. You’re the second person to tell me that. I’m working on it as we speak. I’ll comment back here or I could email you if you prefer, when it’s all straightened out.

        So sorry for any inconvenience.

        Let me ask you this…when you signed up, did you not receive a follow up email with the link to download the book?


  1. Thanks, Steve. The only email I received was the confirmation email, which asked me to confirm my intent to subscribe to your newsletter. It sounds like there may be an autoresponder issue in MailChimp. I checked my Junk Mail and Clutter folders for an email with a link to the book. So either I haven’t received one or it is delayed.


    1. You were absolutely right. So sorry this happened but it has been fixed. The e-book email was delayed by 24 hours. Now it is scheduled to send immediately. I’ll email you the link to the e-book now, just to be safe.

      Thanks again for joining the Tribe!


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