Mental Health Advocate Press Kit

I left home that Sunday night knowing it would be the last time I would see my wife and baby boy. When I didn’t show up for my assignment the next day, my client started making phone calls until eventually someone reached my wife. She was dumbfounded. She had no idea where I was.

A little while later, they found my body in a hotel room.

Three days later, doctors decided my liver wasn’t going to fail, I regained feeling in my legs, and I was transferred from an ICU to the psych ward.

My name is Steve Austin. I’m a family man, writer, and speaker from Birmingham, Alabama. After surviving my own suicide attempt and spending several years focusing on my own recovery, I am also a mental health advocate.

I am passionate about sharing my story. When we share our stories, we save lives. I want to help others to find hope and practical steps to living with a mental illness.

I have been published with The Huffington Post, The Good Men Project, Covenant Eyes, and Sweatpants and Coffee. I also have my own blog, To view a quick intro to my story on YouTube, just click here.

You can find examples of my work here:

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  2. 7 Surprising Gifts of My Mental Illness
  3. How Getting My Son a Dog Helped Heal My Shame

I would love the opportunity to share my story with your group. I hope to talk in detail with you soon.



Steve Austin