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I write about the messiness of grace, finding Christ in the midst of mental illness, the struggles with childhood trauma and the ordinary, powerful ways God heals us. I also complain about how it sucks to be a Christian right now, but how I’m doing it anyway.

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The Huffington Post

  1. How I Found Healing from Abuse
  2. Is Your Faith Water or Cement?
  3. What if the Prodigal Son had Xanax?
  4. The Holy Spirit: Comforter or Crazy Cousin?
  5. I am Not the Judge Nor Jury. I am Called to Love.
  6. The Psych Ward and the Church
  7. On Super Tuesday, I Didn’t Just Become a Democrat. I Became My Own Person.
  8. It Really Sucks to be a Christian Right Now
  9. I Don’t Need to be Saved
  10. A Manifesto for Hard Days
  11. “…unless you’re gay and overdrawn.”
  12. Why I Stopped Hating the Church
  13. Five Lies My Grandma Told Me
  14. Redefining the Small Things
  15. The One Group the Church Needs to Welcome
  16. God Helps Those Who…

Good Men Project

  1. Why an Abused Addict is Now Cultivating Innocence
  2. 8 Ways that I Recovered After My Suicide Attempt
  3. The Most Powerful Thing I’ve Learned in Marriage and Parenting
  4. How Getting my Son a Dog Helped Heal my Shame

The Mighty

  1. No, Being Stressed Isn’t the Same as Having Anxiety
  2. 3 Life Lessons I Learned on a Psych Ward
  3. 11 Marriage Tips from a Husband with a Mental Illness
  4. 5 Steps that Helped Me Recover after a Suicide Attempt


(via Morgan Guyton’s Mercy Not Sacrifice blog)

  1. If the Prodigal Son had Xanax…
  2. 11 Things to do Once You Decide to Stay Married to Someone with a Mental Illness

Venn Magazine

  1. My Story Isn’t Over
  2. Waiting for Deliverance
  3. Is the Timer Done Yet?
  4. Disconnect in the Age of Connection
  5. What was the Last Mistake You Made?
  6. When We Wander Away from His Flock

Sweatpants and Coffee

  1. 7 Surprising Gifts of My Mental Illness


  1. Three Ways to Start Over
  2. 5 Awkward Types of Jesus in Christian Music
  3. Make Me a Best Seller
  4. To Those Who Feel Separated from God
  5. Fireflies Forever
  6. Jesus Plus Nothing Equals Everything
  7. Grace for the Horn-Honkers
  8. On Failed Suicide and Radical Grace

Covenant Eyes

  1. Why an Abused Addict is Cultivating Innocence
  2. I’ll Stop Watching Porn When…

Christian Courier

  1. God Works Ordinarily

People of the Second Chance

  1. A Present for Planned Parenthood
  2. Labeled: People Pleaser and Sex Expert

Kindness Blog

  1. 8 Ways to Recover After a Suicide Attempt

Kelsey Munger

  1. Self-Care: Learning to Say No